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Bateau Rumba: Private Cruises in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Keys, and the Bahamas

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Want to escape in luxury on the sparkling waters of Miami? Julio Martinez and Bateau Rumba offer you tailor-made private or themed group cruises aboard one of his luxurious yachts moored in Aventura.

Discover the pleasures of the sea with Bateau Rumba, led by Captain Julio Martinez, and embark on unforgettable adventures off the coasts of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, through the Keys, the Bahamas, and even to Mexico.

Custom Maritime Escapes with Private Cruises

Bateau Rumba offers a variety of maritime experiences tailored to every desire and time availability: from private boat rentals, with or without a captain according to your preferences, to personalized and thematic small group Private Cruises.

Seize the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful coasts of Miami, access the secluded islands of Biscayne Bay, only accessible by sea, sail on the Miami River, and discover the picturesque canals of Fort Lauderdale, nicknamed the “Venice of America.”

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the surroundings, swim with dolphins, dive near the coral reef at Key Largo, organize exceptional fishing outings, or simply relax on board, lulled by the gentle movement of the waves.

Enjoy the sun on the deck, organize a barbecue or a picnic by the sea, all, of course, accompanied by the iconic music of Rumba. At Bateau Rumba, we turn your desire for a sea escape into an exhilarating reality.

Luxury Private Cruises with Rumba: An Unforgettable Journey

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Immaculate white hulls and decks, wide benches designed for relaxation, mahogany-colored wood interiors, and decoration that is both elegant and welcoming… from the moment you arrive on board the Rumba yachts, you are enveloped in a magical atmosphere of a maritime escape.

Each yacht is perfectly equipped to ensure supreme comfort in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and luxuriously discreet. In Florida, Rumba offers two magnificent boats of 17 and 25 meters, capable of accommodating up to 13 travelers with several comfortable cabins (offering between 5 to 6 beds).

These ships are the ideal place for all types of private events: whether it’s family parties, gatherings with friends, bachelor parties, birthdays, graduation celebrations, engagements, or even for romantic cruises.

We are also specialized in organizing themed group cruises, offering a tailor-made experience for both individuals and companies. Our private cruises can last a few hours (2, 4, 5, 6h), a whole day, or even several days for those who wish to explore destinations like Bimini in the Bahamas or Key West, thus guaranteeing an unforgettable experience on the water.

An Unforgettable Sea Experience

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In the enchanting setting of a private cruise, fully enjoy every moment, in complete privacy. Onboard, you will have access to carefully arranged spaces, both outdoors and indoors, offering air conditioning, a comfortable lounge, modern sanitary facilities, and a shower.

To enhance your stay, a full range of leisure equipment is at your disposal, including floating mats, inflatable toys, and snorkeling gear. When it comes to dining, flexibility is key: bring your picnic basket, taking advantage of our equipped kitchen and coolers, or indulge in the delights prepared by the crew, ranging from simple snacks to refined cocktails or gourmet dinners.

Whether you opt for a private rental or a group adventure, once on board, your only concern will be to relax and disconnect from the daily routine. We commit to taking care of everything, ensuring that your sea escape with Private Cruises remains etched in your memory as a truly unforgettable experience.

Sail Exclusively with Julio Martinez’s Private Cruises

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With more than twenty years of experience in tourism and yachting, Julio Martinez heads a diverse fleet of boats, operating in Florida and Quebec. A specialist in Private Cruises, he offers tailor-made experiences, combining luxury, comfort, and conviviality.

The services of Captain Martinez are synonymous with personalized cruises, where every detail is thought out to meet your desires. Whether you’re looking for a unique maritime adventure or a moment of relaxation on the water, call on Bateau Rumba for an unforgettable getaway.

“Whatever your request, contact me and let yourself be seduced by an exclusive cruise. Discover the unique charm of our tailor-made journeys, a true invitation to dream and escape.”

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